Speed Transport

Welcome to Speedtransport Paraguay! We are your express service in Paraguay for transportation of people or goods, from Asunción to Ciudad del Este

Our Offer

Speed transport offers various driver services and deliveries. Just let us know where you need to go or what you need to get, and we will take care of it

Driving Services


From Guaíra, we will bring you anywhere within Paraguay – whether it is Asunción, Ciudad del Este, Encarnación, or Filadelfia


Would you like to know Paraguay? It will be our pleasure to arrange a sightseeing tour to explore this marvelous country.


Are you planning an event and need someone for transporting your guests? Then do not hesitate to contact us!


Material Deliveries

If you need something special from Asunción (like the Casa Rica or Shopping del Sol), Ciudad del Este or anywhere else, just let us know – we will deliver it withing 24 hours (except Sundays and bank holidays)

Collective Orders

Ideal for everyone who needs food or anything similar from Asunción

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you driving?

We are driving anywhere in Paraguay, from Asunción to Ciudad del Este, both as drivers and for deliveries.

How many passengers can you fit in your cars?

Our vehicles offer space for up to six passengers including their luggage. If there's a need, we will dispatch multiple cars.

How much is driving with you?

We charge 2.800 Guaranies per km (approx. 40 cents per km / 65 cents per mile)

. For example, driving from Independencia to Asunción Silvio Pettirossi Airport costs about 800.000 Guaranies (depending on where the starting point is).

How much do you charge for transportation services, and when do we have to pay?

First, you need to tell us what you need exactly. Afterwards, we charge half of the total costs (driving plus esteemed price of the merchandise) in advance, the rest upon delivery.

Got any questions?